Greener Pastures- Farewells

Trots N Socks aka Bob: There are no words to describe how much Bob had done for our program and each one of his riders. Wonderfully trained and never taking a day off, Bob spent his time giving peace to our students and solitude in his predictable ways. His canter was like a dream and the smiles he brought to our kids have not left us dry-eyed once. So this is a small tribute to Bob, the wonder pony. Our wonder pony.



Fran’s Playboy aka Fran: We miss our quirky and gentle dude everyday. Fran made $95 on the track and had a second career in the jumpers with Square Peg friend, Kelly Sika. Fran was best at giving kids a bouncy trot, smooth canter, and a good lesson to why you need to sit up before a fence! He was sweet and had such poise and care for his young riders. Goodbye Frannoid, we will miss you.

photo(15) nathan

Jack: Ah, our amazing one-eyed horse! Jack was a racehorse and retrained to be quite the hunter before he came to our program. He was a tall, lanky gelding who taught our students confidence over fences. He had a sweet demeanor and was a great example of acceptance and understanding of diversity. Until the day he passed, Jack gave us such joy in his floaty trot step and love for all. We miss you big guy.

jack farris-jack

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