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Welcome to the Meet Our Horses page! One of the many things that makes our program unique is that the horses that live at our facility are all square pegs themselves- they are quirky, special, and just needed a place to be themselves.The program works because the fact is that EVERYONE is a square peg in their own way, even the horses, and that we should embrace that- not discourage. We have ex-racehorses, polo ponies, ex-jumpers, and some pasture ponies. Our horses make the program what it is because they understand the demographic we serve and are able to connect with people on a level we cannot.

We are so grateful to the friends of Square Peg for the donations of their beloved equine friends and for our families who have taken on a horse sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring a horse, please contact us at


Current Program Horses

Success Stories- Rehomed

Greener Pastures- Farewells

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