Wish List

Lots of folks visit the site or the page and they want to know how they can help – today.

Below is a list of things that we are ALWAYS in need of.  So if you have that go-getter attitude to shop for the program or to rummage through that dusty corner of the tack room – here’s a list for you!

In gratitude,

the Square Peg crew

  • Do you have season tickets to sports or theater venues?  You can donate tickets for a time when you might be out of town or unable to go and we can raffle or auction them off online!


4 Replies to “Wish List”

  1. Is it possible to come for a visit any time between Nov 7 and 14?? I would be honored to donate whatever would be most useful.

    My daughter, a 42 year old mechanical engineer, between jobs and interested in a career change, who has owned, cared for and been passionate about horses for over 30 years, will be in town that week. She is inspired by your website, and if possible would like to come for a short visit.

    I know of Joell through mutual friends, David and Becky Toews, and also know how busy you all are, especially after learning of your upcoming event. I cannot be at the event, but would be happy to help before it.

    I hope you have time to respond,
    Thank you,
    Gaye Carlson Torjusen

  2. Hello Darius,
    My daughter, Stephanie, and I would like to come for visit on Tues, 11/11.
    Looking forward to seeing around noon.
    Thank you,

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