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joell-front pageJoell Dunlap, Square Peg founder, has taught hundreds of students to ride. An equestrienne since childhood, she has participated in many different disciplines including racing, polo, hunting, jumping, three-day eventing and reining. Joell has worked professionally in many facets of the equestrian industry including racing, marketing, special events, and breaking and training of young horses, in addition to teaching.

However, Joell has always been passionate about changing the way people teach and is an advocate for alternative education. Joell has been published nationally in equestrian publications regarding a gentler and more creative approach to teaching students and training horses.

Since she started working with developmentally challenged children, Joell has been developing a unique teaching method which resonates. Her philosophy of “Inspire, Guide, Challenge” and her sensitive style of instruction have helped hundreds of students to achieve important goals.

Darius Christopher Dunlap is Square Peg’s co-founder and Joell’s husband. He is a veteran of four high-tech firms, including 13 years at Silicon Graphics in services and support. Darius has managed large teams, ran multi-million dollar operations, and developed and run programs with global reach. He’s adept at building sustainable businesses and replicating successful programs and ideas into new environments.

Rachel Bisaillon, Square Peg staff, has been riding off and on with Square Peg since 2004, but began full time volunteering in 2009. Through the opportunities presented by Square Peg, Rachel has been certified in the HorseBoy Method, as well as able to ride consistently with a few coastal trainers. Rachel now works 6 days a week at Square Peg, in addition to attending Canada College in Woodside. Rachel does everything from barn management, to teaching lessons, to riding and helping bring along the new OTTBs. She handles all of the scheduling and day-to-day management:

Beany Callaway, Square Peg staff member, joined the team in 2015.

“I started riding when I was 2 years old, and learned that teaching was my passion. I went through Pony Club and fell in love with Dressage and Eventing, but my real joy comes from teaching people to be better riders. I tend to specialize in helping people overcome their fears, and learn how to communicate with the horses really effectively through proper positioning and centering techniques, but my main desire is to help people simply enjoy riding and being around horses. My favorite thing about teaching at Square Peg is that everyone is so incredibly supportive and accepting of each other, and everyone is encouraged to be the best that they can be without any sort of pressure or timeline being imposed on that journey. There is nothing quite like seeing someone’s face light up when they really feel that connection with a horse! Square Peg is absolutely the best barn I have ever found.The people here are all stellar humans, and I don’t think I have ever seen a group of horses who live a happier life!I wouldn’t have believed it possible to take ex-racehorses and turn them into such calm and trustworthy teachers, but now that I have seen how well it works, I am completely convinced that this model should be inspiration for barns everywhere.”

Rebecca Knopf, Square Peg staff member, joined the team in 2015. Rebecca started riding in 1998 at Morning Star Farm in Novato and participated in 4H with her horse Danny Boy growing up. While attending Otterbein University in Ohio, Becca rode and competed on all three of the university’s equestrian teams; dressage, hunt-seat equitation and eventing. Rebecca has been a Certified Horsemanship Association riding instructor since 2012, and has experience teaching all ages and abilities. Rebecca recently graduated with her B.A. in Equine Business Management.