We provide an intense experience that shows our students that they are capable of so much more than they imagined. Caring for an animal 15 times your size is at first intimidating and scary, and becomes empowering and exciting. The horse is a unique example of gentleness and power and responds to all people according to their intentions, not their age, size, race, or social status. The horse is a gentle judge of character and students adjust their behavior accordingly.We focus on building self image, one student at a time. Accomplishing not just a new physical skill or emotional breakthrough, but providing a context for the student to experience a new sense of self worth by doing meaningful work alongside their peers, instructors and volunteers.

Our facilities in Half Moon Bay and Sonoma are very quiet and beautiful. Surrounded by farmland and open space, people from the city experience the healing power of farm/ranch life and participate in healthy outdoor activity.

Square Peg has been aligned with Horse Boy™ and Movement Method since 2009.  The framework provided and the intense training designed is the most effective, kind and respectful we have ever encountered.

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  1. This is an appealing program for the special needs child. Regretfully, I could not find info about ongoing lessons or other specific programs, costs, and details. Could you please provide? thank you. Vicki

  2. Thank you for what you’re doing, you’re amazing! Our youngest suffers from anxiety and only you have really helped. Classes helped for about a year. Now I’ve begun to notice the anxiety coming back, which means it’s time for us to come back to you.

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