Current Program Horses

Bruce(Bruce’s Dream)   This big guy joined us in August of 2016. Bruce had eleven starts and won $315,024. He has settled well into the barn and has an easy time becoming best bros with whomever he is with in turned out. Old racing injuries may hinder his athleticism a bit, but he has become a staple to the lesson program and a favorite for his solid, strong stature and expressive attitude. Bruce live in Half Moon Bay.

Click here for Bruce’s Dream racing history.

Cecil(Cee’s for Clever)   Our grey dressage pony, Cecil, was born in 2004 and made a little over $110,000 while racing. This sweet dude can smile, bow, and count, but his real skills lie in the dressage court. He is a fantastic mover and has found his niche helping people develop their posting trot on the lunge line. Cecil enjoys calm, attentive riders, and building relationships with his students. Cecil lives at our Sonoma satellite facility, Cadence Farm. Thank you Geri Forrester for the continued support of Cecil.

Click here to check out Cee’s for Clever racing history.

Classica(Estrella Cali)   Although Classica’s race career was a bit of a dud, we are very sure of one thing-we love this horse and she is invaluable to our program! Owned by Dave Lawson, Classica has been used for polo, jumping, trail rides, and teaching lessons. We are so grateful to Dave for continuing to let us work with his sweet mare. Classy keeps all of her students safe, and is the perfect horse for the slow, quiet trot so many of our kids want and need. Classica lives at our Sonoma satellite facility, Cadence Farm.  Thank you Dave Lawson for the use of your wonderful horse.

Click here for Estrella Cali’s racing history

Clue   This handsome and dignified quarter horse gelding came to us through our friends at Horse Boy in Spring of 2020. He is a perfect dude. He has been there and done that, and continues to show us his extraordinary character whenever a new situation arises. He seems pretty pleased with his move from hot Texas and arid Colorado to the cooler and foggy coastal climate. We are thrilled to include him into our herd.


Curtis(Extra Fifty)   We are smitten with this monocled gelding! Curtis was involved in a pasture accident during his layup time and had his left eye fully removed. He is quirky, energetic, and loves to cuddle. His lack of an eye has yet to slow him down – in contrast he leads the craziness in turnout and has found a friend in Stanley. Curtis is slowly becoming a go-to horse for many of our kids for his unflappable attitude and fantastic work in-hand. Curtis lives in Half Moon Bay, Ca.

Click here for Extra Fifty’s racing history.


Danny Boy  is owned by staff member, Becca Knopf and her sister Rachael. Originally a lesson horse at Morning Star Farm where they grew up riding, he became a “dropout” from the program and they were able to welcome him into the family in 2004. From the ages of 10 and 13, Becca and Rachael participated in 4H and local schooling shows with this Connemara/Pony cross. He went to college with Rachael and learned how to work cows and do dressage. After both sisters finished college he competed successfully in 1st and 2nd level dressage. Now in his mid-twenties he is happy answering yes and no questions, going on trail rides and doing an occasional walk, trot, canter lesson for Square Peg families. Square Peg is honored to be able to give him fun work(with treats!) to do with his forever girls, Rachael and Becca. Danny lives at our Sonoma satellite facility, Cadence Farm.

Eddie(Green with Eddie) This intelligent bay boy joined us in April 2020 and is catching on quick. Born on March 18, 2014 he had a successful racing career earning $134,570 in 11 starts. He loves to play and learn and we are excited to continue working with him in the program.

Click here for Green with Eddie’s racing history

Georgia   Daughter to Square Peg favorite Delilah, Georgia is a total unicorn horse. She is tall, solid, and so so sweet. While intended to have been a competitive jumping horse, Georgia’s legs prevent her from having a competition career, which is a benefit to us as she is one of the sweetest big ladies we have ever met. While not currently used in the program due to lingering injuries we expect her to make a full recovery and be magical creature for our families. 

Henry(Momotombo)    Born in 2003, Henry made over whooping $110,000 on the track. He is coming along as a lunge-line and in-hand lesson horse. He has a huge heart and tries his best in every activity we throw his way. This big guy give kisses, makes farting noises with his lips and will answer your question with a nod. He is becoming a barn favorite with many of the teenagers because of his swinging walk, lifted trot and thunderous canter. Henry resides at Cadence Farm in Sonoma. Thank you Geri Forrester for the continued support of Henry.

Click here for Momotombo’s racing history.

Hermes(Mythical Storm)   Hermes raced in Southern California before heading north and ending up at Square Peg in late 2015. He has a great brain, wonderful build, and a curiosity to learn. Staff are in love with his dignity, attitude, and work ethic. His easygoing nature and intelligence have enabled him to be used in the program with huge success. The team is thrilled to have this gem for years to come. Hermes lives at our Sonoma satellite facility, Cadence Farm. 

Click here for Mythical Storm’s racing history.

Jello(Xaleo)  Jello was born in Brazil on December 23, 2002 and moved to California when he was 5 years old. He showed successfully in the dressage arena up to 3rd level. After sustaining injuries that would make it difficult to go back to his competitive career his owner decided he needed a lifestyle and  job change, and he came to Square Peg! Jello is kind, tough, smart, and can still show off his dressage moves. Jello lives in Half Moon Bay, Ca. We are so thankful to Karen Dolkas for donating him to our program.



Moso(Ermoso)   Moso arrived in California from Texas in May 2018. This pony-like Lusitano is motivated to jump! While well schooled in dressage, this dun baroque horse perks up and thrives off cantering straight towards a big vertical jump, and sending his short strong body flying over to the other side. He is a ham and love to learn new tricks—already perfecting a bow and smile. Staff are excited to teach and continue to learn more from this cute and quirky horse.

Mowgli(Escribano)   Mowgli came to Square Peg in summer of 2016 from Florida. Originally from Spain, this gentle giant Andalusian decided that being a competition dressage horse was not in the cards. Mowgli’s inquisitiveness, smooth gaits, and long back make him the perfect back-riding horse. A huge fan of snacks, trail rides, and rolling around in piles of hay, we are incredibly lucky to have this sweet horse in our tribe. Mowgli now lives at our Sonoma satellite facility, Cadence Farm. We are honored by the Miner Foundation for the 2017 sponsorship of Escribano.

Neil(ULuckydevil)   Neil is the cutest creature ever. Constantly wanting snuggles this silly 2013 sweetheart will put the whole weight of his head in your arms if you let him. Having lost his eye as a foal due to infection, Neil sometimes needs to check his surroundings before he proceeds into a situation; and yet he barely blinks his eye when learning new skills. Staff are incredibly excited about his prospects as a lesson horse because of his chill, easygoing personality.

Click here for ULuckydevil’s racing history.

Paco and Stan enjoying the spring grass.


Paco(Fighting Ferrari)   Paco came to us at the end of 2019 from Santa Anita racetrack where he had spent several years as mascot. As a younger horse he raced, though fairly unsuccessfully, and later found stardom when cast as one of the main horses to play Seabiscuit in the 2003 movie. Although a bit burnt out on people at the moment, he is a sweet guy who has found great companionship and comfort in his new friend Stan. He loves a treat and is always happy to see the people who bring him meals. Paco lives in Half Moon Bay, CA.

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Patrick(Penman) This little guy was born in 2017 and started in Ireland, then moved to the US in July 2019. After 4 unimpressive racing starts his owners made the decision to retire hime from a racing career. While small, standing only at 15.1hh, he is full of importance and confidence and has already proved to be a quick study with steady nerves. We are looking forward to developing him into what we think will be a brilliant program horse.

Click here for Penman’s racing history.


Phil(Bojangles) Phillip, Phils-y, or Phil, is an adorable 2002 retired hunter show pony. He is loving the change of pace as a member of the Square Peg herd. His small size and unflappable attitude ensure that he will be a successful pony for everything from longe-line lessons to trail rides for years to come.

Roger(Roger That) This leggy black 2016 strikes quite a pose, but we know him to be quite a snuggler. Roger will let you fully hug his head and seems to enjoy any scratches that human hands provide him. While he is still recovering from racing injuries we are excited for this sweet guys future. Roger lives at Cadence Farm.

Click here for Roger That’s racing history.

Skiff   Born in March of 2014 this sweet guy came to us in spring of 2017–too gangly and uncoordinated to be any success at racing. We turned him out with his buddy Triton for about 8 months, and when we brought him back in he had grown 4 inches taller and filled out into a handsome and handy little horse! We are so thrilled how smart and athletic this little noodle has become. He has been working under saddle and his sweet nature and can-do attitude is showing us what a delightful program horse he is becoming. Skiff lives at our Sonoma satellite facility, Cadence Farm. 

Sage   Miss Sage has been a resident and dressage lesson horse at Cadence Farm for many years. She is a quarter horse thoroughbred cross in her early 20s, owned by the Pommer-Schindler family and gratefully partially leased to the program. After losing her eye due to injury in 2018, she has adjusted extremely well and is loving the extra work Square Peg families provide. Stoic and sassy, she always tells people when she does… or does not… want to be snuggled. Her speciality is on the longe-line where her secure and rocking canter is perfect for first-timers.  Sage lives at Cadence Farm.

Stan(Irresponsible King) This handsome son of Kingmambo loves to wow the crowd. Stanly, a 2002 gelding, made $20,400 on the track but is much better suited as Joell’s partner in dressage, trail rides, and jumping. He’s our best “trick” horse and would love to show you how he can count, bow to the ground and stand on a pedestal. Stanley is the barn’s goofball and has a heart for everything—especially sneaking out of his stall. When he arrived at the ranch 6 years ago, he was suffering from a cracked shin and a chronic throat problem; there was a time that we weren’t sure he would make it through the winter. We sure are glad he did. He has now become one of our best dressage horses; schooling Piaffe and flying changes, and working on developing his passage and canter pirouettes.

Click here for Irresposible King’s racing history.

Tado(Libertado) came to us from our friends at Horse Boy in Texas. A sensitive and sweet lusitano he is tall for the breed standing at almost 16 hands. His good attitude about everything makes him our go-to guy for jumping 3ft 6in oxers, to backriding and trail rides, lunge-line lessons, and piaffe. 

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  1. Hi Joelle. This is Tara. I follow your Facebook page and am blown away by all that you’ve achieved!! Alberto and I are looking for polo prospects and Patrick caught my eye. Do you sell or adopt horses out of your program?

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