Why Square Peg?


“…….the problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole isn’t that the hammering is hard work – it’s that you’re destroying the peg.”  

Paul Collins


When we started Square Peg back in 2004 – we set out to make the therapeutic riding model even more powerful.  Instead of “we’re taking you to the ranch because you are poor, or autistic, or because you’ve been in trouble” and change it to, “we’re going to Square Peg because these horses need YOU.”

It’s a powerful difference.

Siggy&AceThe Square Peg horses are castaways.  Horses that needed a second, and often a third chance at life and usefulness. But don’t think that means they are a bunch of broken down nags – because of the care and dedication of the kids and the volunteers – they shine, they perform – they excel.

22 horses call Square Peg home. Our youngest is 3, and our oldest are in their 30’s. They’re ex racehorses, dressage champions and polo stars. They have sanctuary and these kids have a safe emotional space to explore and grow.

Our students and their families have a variety of diagnosis and labels that make up our own #teamquirky community. Autism, Usher syndrome, Duvet syndrome, anxiety, anger, ADHD- you name it. The idea at Square Peg is that your diagnosis, label, or IEP requirements do not define who you are. We focus on following our students, celebrating their interests, and connecting through adventure, humor, and kindness. Our students are typically ‘Square Pegs’ themselves, just like the horses.

Square Peg is all about reminding all of us that what makes us different is what makes us special.