A Moment of Silence

Yesterday, we were going to start our 12 Days of Christmas at this website.  Each day, we will feature a horse and what that horse might want for Christmas.  It will be darling with photos and silliness.

But the news yesterday of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School made us as Americans, as parents and as humans pause to reflect on the sanctity of human life, especially the lives of children.  While we all struggle with how to wrap our heads around the horror of the incident and the kind of pain that would drive a young man to enact the most ferocious violence possible, we would like to take a moment to hug the children we love and to ponder the collective acts of kindness that we must all perform to help us overcome the grief.

Here are some links that might help remind us that there is good and beauty in the world.

26 things to restore your faith in humanity. 

A reminder that humans, no matter where we live, love dance and laughter.

For the horse lovers – a fabulous rescue story.

Please use the comments below to share your favorite links about kindness, courage and goodness.

Remember to Pay it Forward, it’s our only way through this grief.

We hope to be back tomorrow to bring you stories of the horses and the kids and how they enrich our lives.






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