July  2012 Cavalia Tickets, HorseBoy Training and Stanford Polo

June  2012 Celebrity Bartender at It’s Italia and Sports Basement Fundraiser

May  2012 Square Peg on the front page of the Half Moon Bay Reivew

April  2012 Summer Camp Schedule 2012

February 2012 Montalvo Tickets and Meet Our Intern Deborah

January 2012 New Leaf Day for Square Peg

January 2012 Square Peg on KFOG Radio + Luce performs for Square Peg

December 2011 – Year End Campaign

October 2011 Volunteer Rachel B and Max’s speech from the Run for the Roses

May 2011 Summer Camp 2011

April 2011 – Run for the Roses!

December 2010 – The story of how Square Peg came to be

November 2010 – Fundraiser at The Office – San Carlos -celebrity bartender Dr. Ashton Cloninger

September 2010 – Farewell to Willa

July 2010 – Awesome improvements and Expert Quote Ladies Polo Tournament

May 2010 – Capital campaign

March 2010 – Moving!

November 2009 – Challenge grant and meet Stella


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