Community Partners

We often work through referring agencies so that we can be sensitive to the changing needs of the students and the community. Our feedback to the referring agencies helps them track the progress and emotional well-being of their clients. It also ensures that the students participating in the program are the best suited to benefit from our services. The referring agencies’ feedback helps us to constantly improve our instruction model.

Our volunteers are our more experienced students – teens from San Francisco and San Mateo, Marin and Sonoma County. They work hard for the honor to work as a volunteer at Square Pegs as it enables them to spend the day at a place and in an activity that they are passionate about. In helping new students learn the safety rules and in teaching the horse care and horsemanship skills, they also grow in the powerful role of teacher/mentor.

Listed and linked below are just a few of the local organizations and business who we actively partner with and refer. 

Autistry Studios

Sonoma Mentoring Alliance

San Mateo County – Mental Health Services

North Bay Regional Center

Golden Gate Regional Center

Coastside Pediatric Therapy 

Kidspace Therapy

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