Movement Method Training at Wishing Horse Farm @ Wai Koa – Kauai, HI

Movement Method  Workshops in Kauai! Saturday, April 22

Who: For Parents, Teachers, Therapists and Caregivers

Why: To learn the science and the FUN of an effective method to reach kids with learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety, ASD and more using the beauty of the Island, movement and Nature. The results will forever change the way you look at education. 

Where: Wishing Horse Farm @ Wai Koa   

5545 Kahiliholo Road   Kilauea, Kauai, HI 96754

When: Saturday, April 22 10am to 4pm  

at 6pm, we will demonstrate how to optimize Movement Method with a demonstration of Horse Boy™ Work

Cost: $150 includes lunch and a workbook

Movement Method 1 – An Introduction

We train parents, teachers, caregivers and therapists  in the methods effective for homeschooling, un-schooling and mainstream education.

The key is movement and the brain and the link between them. There is no dispute among neuro-scientists and educational psychologists that movement stimulates a child’s brain.

This course teaches you WHY and HOW!

Are you a parent looking to find a way to get your child to learn joyfully? Are you a teacher who has run the gamut of traditional methods and still find that there is a population of kids that you just can’t reach?   

About the Instructor:  Joell Dunlap, RBT is the founder and Executive Director Square Peg Ranch in Half Moon Bay, CA. Square Peg has been serving the “Square Pegs” – the kids who have trouble fitting in – in their community since 2004.  In 2011, Joell began working with the groundbreaking methods developed by Rupert Isaacson at The HorseBoy™ in Texas.  Rupert has developed Movement Method with the help of international universities and special learners worldwide. Square Peg Ranch is one the most active HorseBoy™ Programs in North America.

Spaces are limited sign up soon here:

Questions?  Email or call Sheila at 925.998-6222


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