Maybe it’s OK that not everyone loves the Square Peg name…

I’ve had many reactions to the Square Peg logo and name. Lots of folks like it and are intrigued by the idea. Somie even think it’s brilliant! but we do get some other responses. Several people have HATED the circle logo with the word “Square”. One non-profit professional told me, completely seriously, “We recommend that non-profits name themselves something related to what they do”.

So today I have some vindication for those responses that sometimes worry us. In the article Maybe you should be attracting enemies, on Donor Power Blog, Jeff Brooks talks about the value of stirring things up.  I’m going to put some thought into this in the coming weeks. Beyond our name, how can we really distinguish ourselves and set ourselves apart? What really makes us “us”. What is it that’s interesting enough about what we do to make some people dislike it?

Thoughts? Please let me know!

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2 Replies to “Maybe it’s OK that not everyone loves the Square Peg name…”

  1. I love the name.As a boy I used to come home from middle school whining to my mother about how I hated school, didn't want to learn math, become a businessman, pay taxes, or any of that junk. I just wanted to ride my horse endlessly and groove on nature.
    Her comment: "You're a square peg in a round hole, boy."
    I don't know if everyone fits at Squarepeg Ranch, but I know I do.Wish there was a Squarepeg Ranch for me when I was growing up. I might have learned a little responsibility and saved my folks a whole lot of grief.

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