Guest blogger – Farris Scott

Tells us about the love of her life, a 16 year old Thoroughbred gelding named Cometa.

Standing there, still not believing it, I was grooming him for the first time. I still remember the day. It was the first day I meet Cometa. The horse I truly love.

It was a hot summer day, like ever summer is, and it was a Saturday. Cometa had come sometime during that week, but now, I, I got to get the chance to ride him. He is beautiful, with a shiny, soft, bay coat, black legs, and mane, and a star and snip on his face. But also the prettiest eyes, they, of course, are brown, but they are big and loving. And are outlined in black, looks like makeup, and goes out beyond his eyes, on the corner.

He may be a cribber, and always doing that, which causes him to have barely any front teeth, but I still love him with all my heart.

That day I rode him, I knew I would be riding him for a while. He is fun, and easy, but still challenging and makes you learn new things at the same time. I really enjoy going out on the trails with him. And he loves going out there too. But also going in the arena with him too. I have fun jumping, doing bareback, just riding, and playing polo with him=).

In October I had so much fun doing a polo clinic at Woodside Horse Park. And in the hitting cage on the wooden horse my friend Aidan and I named Woody. In the clinic it was so nice working with Wilbur. He is so nice and a good teacher. And before Cometa came to Square Pegs, he was with his previous owner Terri Casey. She owned two other horses as well, Sola and Mercedes. Both of them sweet horses as well. But Terri would play polo with them. So all three of them are really good polo horses.

I know this story doesn’t flow so well, but I don’t quite know how else to put it that I love Cometa and why. He is an amazing horse and I just love going on the weekends to visit and ride him. And I love leasing him. Thanks Square Pegs for giving me this opportunity to do this. Cause I love it, and don’t ever want to stop any time soon.


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  1. Farris-You have such a beautiful soul, and no doubt Cometa sensed it when he met you!
    The time you volunteer at Square Peg is absolutely admirable for someone your age. I hope that as you grow, you are able to continue working with the horses and children that need someone with the spunk and thoughtfulness you possess! You rock, kiddo!

  2. In every stable that I have known there is a girl who has a love for horses so intense that it makes her a vital part of the place, right at the core of the farm or ranch. That's Farris ! Square Pegs Ranch just wouldn't be the same without her. Her kindness and bright spirit is one of the main reasons that volunteering at Joell's place is so much fun. All the best to you Farris!

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