Poetic Justice?

With Square Peg’s first Day at the Races fundraiser coming up this weekend at Golden Gate Fields, I’ve had some strange and conflicting emotions floating around my head.


1. You can’t go back.  I worked in racing for many years.  Essentially, I raised my son at the track.  I worked in the marketing department of Golden Gate Fields for years as the Special Events manager.  It was a great job to have in your 20’s.  Now I’m going back to the track and all the memories, good and bad after 10 years and a whole lot of life changes. I know I’m different,  I wonder how it will make me feel. (I am however, sincerely looking forward to seeing some wonderful people who still work there.)

2. Conflicted to be watching racing after spending so much time and love knitting ex racehorses back together.  How will I explain to people (yikes, the  kids) at the event if a horse should fatally break down?dsc_0208_jpg

While musing over these feelings, I searched friend Tom Ferrall’s recent press releases from Golden Gate Fields to find this:  An odd pairing of racing and Autism Awareness.  A story in a story about a horse that overcomes huge odds to win.

Ah racing.  It never ceases to surprise me.  I wonder what surprises are in store for me on Saturday?

Join me.

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