Square Peg Ranch Request for Support

An Urgent Request From Square Peg
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Greetings!I’m not going to dress this up as anything else but what it is; this letter is an urgent request for financial support of Square Peg Programs.

Square Peg Ranch runs lean

Volunteers do everything from clean the stalls, to planning the fundraising events, from scheduling the lessons to feeding the animals.

But no matter how dedicated our volunteers are, all organizations need cash-flow to operate.

Our Big, Bold Move

We spent two years searching for a place where the students and the animals would flourish in a healthy and nurturing environment. In February, we made our biggest and boldest move, to Canyon Creek Equestrian Center.

We couldn’t be happier

Our new facility affords us so many opportunities to teach and learn. We now have lights in the arena, a round pen for training young horses and for teaching lessons, we have private trails with an ocean view!

Our new location is safer, larger and owned and run by people who support our mission. Not only that, but we managed to decrease our monthly expenses by almost 10% because the new facility runs so much more efficiently.

And yet, a very rainy winter and spring had our lesson program at a standstill many times. The move itself cost us thousands of dollars to do repairs to the old facility and to get the new facility ready for our programs and animals. Our volunteer community spent hundreds, if not thousands of man-hours helping with the move.

But honest service providers need to get paid

Local businesspeople, such as farriers, veterinarians, feed providers, hardware stores have been extremely patient during a long winter and through the move, but they can’t wait forever.

Summer is at our doorstep and with it, our summer programs will bloom and cashflow will be easier. A volunteer team is working hard to create fundraising events that will carry us through the next winter and spring.

But between now and then, we have a serious cash crisis. We need to raise $25,000 to pay off a series of bills, to engage an accountant and to create a buffer whereby necessities like feed for the horses and liability insurance is on time, every time.

Not a cent of this cash campaign is for salaries or administrative expenses.

I’m asking you personally, please donate what you can to Square Peg programs today. We need your financial help to keep turning “I wish” into “I can.”


Everyone fits
Joell Dunlap

Square Peg Foundation

phone: 650.284.5064

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