Our scheduling system is now fully automated!  Check it out!

Last Tuesday afternoon, rain (in May?!?!) forced me to my desk to catch up on scheduling; scheduling we’ve done manually for six years, I might add. But this time, it was different.  I knew our custom scheduling system would go live later this week and I saw an unfamiliar light at the end of this tunnel. I looked at the bright orange post-it notes strewn about my monitor with notes like: “reschedule XXXX for 3:30 on Thursday” and “No IIII for this Tuesday, reschedule for Wednesday of next week” and thought: “Soon this will be off my plate.”

My monitor has a fun screen saver that randomly displays a word and its meaning.  ABDICATE had just flashed by, which I felt particularly prescient, and then the usual chimes rang that indicated an email had just come in. I shook my mouse to wake up the monitor. I was cc’d on a confirmation to one of my students:

“You are confirmed for Summer Camp on June 6th in the afternoon…

What?? I thought? How can this magic be? Right away, an email came in from our developer: “Are you testing the system Joell?”

“Not me. Was that you?”

“Nuh-uh” the developer wrote back.

We both did some scrambling and checking and within minutes we both knew that one of our families had gone to the SquarePeg site and logged in, registered, confirmed and paid for summer camp.

“It’s happening!” I wrote to the developer.

This developer has been a friend of Square Peg since day one.  She sat on the floor  of our San Francisco apartment organizing and taking notes eight years ago as we dreamed up this thing we now know as Square Peg.  This developer has watched and advised, laughed and cried with us every step of the way.  So it was a moment savored in every layer of it’s deliciousness.

Room to grow.  Less time for me in the office trying to return calls, texts, emails and Facebook postings about when we might be available for lessons and less waiting for our families for me to get back to them.

Technology at it’s best enables us to spend more time together, doing what we do.

So do log in to the new system, browse around, book a lesson (or four) and know that while you are doing that, we are out turning “I wish” into “I can.”

By the way, Square Peg will be CLOSED on Saturday, May 28 because:

Our dear Sigourney Jellins will be competing her horses Maggie and Theo at the Spring Horse Trials at the HorsePark at Woodside – coached by our own Rainey Sealey

– and Farris Scott and I will be competing on Hank, Kir and Beetle at the WCT Ladies Invitational Polo Tournament at the Menlo Circus Club – coached by Greg Crosta.

We would love for you to come by either competition and cheer us on!







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