Pumpkin Time!

Autumn is Half Moon Bay’s best weather.  Cool mornings and often the warmest afternoons of the year make us all a little bit giddy.  There’s very little fog and oh, what are those green and orange things dotting the fields – they’re pumpkins my friends and they are growing and morphing into the giant thing-a-ma-jigs that thousands upon thousands will drive to Half Moon Bay to behold.  Which translates (unfortunately) to traffic on Hwy 92.

The Half Moon Bay Annual Pumpkin Festival is October 13 and 14, 2012.  The barn will be closed.  No lessons and only the most stoic of volunteers will brave the tangle of traffic that invades our lovely little canyon each year.

Me, I’ll be visiting family in the northern-most part of California on the one weekend of the entire year when the barn is closed.  Enjoy that pumpkin pancake followed by pumpkin ice cream and washed down with pumpkin beer.

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