Annual Request for Support

Square Peg Foundation changes the lives of special needs and at risk children. Over the past year, over 120 children and their families struggling with autism, homelessness, ADHD, attachment and development disorders turned to Square Peg for help.

With your support we can serve more children and their families, as they learn to ride and care for rescued horses.

Square Peg Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working towards the greater good of our community and beyond (learn more).

Bert and Madelyn

Your tax-deductible gift will enable us to:

– Continue to provide a safe and caring place for children and teens to learn horsemanship, care for rescued animals and be a part of a nurturing community.

– Rescue, care for and retrain more horses that deserve another chance at life.

– Grow our Autism Family Camps to serve more families, and communities.

With your help we can make significant change, and give more children and animals the hope they need most.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season from EveryOne at the Square Peg Foundation.

Please be generous.



Joell Dunlap
Executive Director, Square Peg Foundation

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