What Do You Believe? A Story Best Told in Pictures.

The New Year has us waxing nostalgic.  I’m famous for being a “non-holiday person” but I admit to using the short days and the long nights of December as a time to think and reflect and plan.What became clear as I thought about the amazing 2013 Square Peg had and the challenge and excitement 2014 will bring is that I, as Executive Director of Square Peg, need to answer the essential question  “What do I believe?”

A cup of tea at hand and a sleeping kitten on my feet, I pitched the reins at my heart and this is what appeared on the page.


I believe in the power of kindness.
I believe that caring for others is the only path to healing ourselves.


I believe that kindness must be modeled, fostered and cultivated.

I believe that hearing laughter gives us strength.  I believe that laughter gives us strength.

I believe that if we can connect through laughter, we create a strong and tangible bond.
I believe that nature nurtures us all.
I believe that we are the best we can be when we trust each other.

Thank you to all who are joining us in our Revolution of Kindness. Happy 2014.

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