Will You?

Will you gift $1,000,000


Because it’s important.


The pain caused when autism and mental illness are viewed as a human that needs fixing is not just toxic, it’s deadly.  Deadly for the autist, for their family and for our communities. A “fix” is not needed – support is.

Families are suffering from isolation and shame. These families suffer less from their loved one’s condition – but more from their community’s inability or unwillingness to accept and support them. Support and care for these families saves lives.

We are changing the words and the outlook while the science catches up. We are changing the words and the perception that meltdowns are viewed more like seizures – something the autist desperately, so desperately, wants to stop but as with a seizure – cannot. We are building the support staff that will weave this change into our social fabric.

Real resilience emerges when someone is authentically supported.  Support can be the humility to simply “be there” in storms of dis-regulation and rejoice in the joys of sharing  this planet and acknowledge the differences that constitute honest humanity.

Radical acceptance – Its effects are magic. The transformation of a soul who feels “less than” but is through acceptance; seen, heard and celebrated is the most profound change of all.

Your $1,000,000 preserves a space where radical acceptance and celebration of dignity brings the contagious peace that is the only hope for our world.

Is there anything more important?

Donate. Do it now. We promise to make you proud you did.

With your help the revolution of kindness marches on.

UPDATE:  If this link doesn’t convince you that this entire way of thinking about autism and behaviors needs to be completely disrupted – then we can’t imagine what would. If we don’t change this culture – who will? the time is NOW.  Join us. 

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