Stella Update

Stella continues to eat and thrive.  She’s made close friends with Fran who never leaves her side.  Friends, students and volunteers are amazed at how she is improving in her skin tone, her attitude and her weight.

Standing with a friend looking at her yesterday, we started to chat about the funny way that she is gaining weight.  It all seems to be accumulating in her lower abdomen.  While looking at her from the front, we noticed that she is significantly bigger on one side of her abdomen than on the other.

Folks, we will wait to hear back from the veterinarian.  But I would put money on the fact that Stella is quite pregnant.  It boggles the mind.  To think that she’s been starved, tripped and either bred or left to fend for herself and her food with a stallion in the pen.  Just how irresponsible can somebody be?  I can’t afford to be shocked anymore, we just have to do our best to get her the proper feed and medical attention that she will need.  And then see what nature brings us.


Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel has agreed to add a flyer and a collection box at the store for shoppers to donate to help us help this mare.  They will also work with us to offer us discounts on feed and supplements.  We are so grateful for our local community.

Stay tuned.


4 Replies to “Stella Update”

  1. Shut. Up.

    Are you serious?? Have you heard for sure yet?
    Can Brooks and I come by today before getting Miles from school to visit? And if not, what day would work for you?

  2. Has a vet checked Stella? Update please..Somehow THIS horse pulls on me ,and I've seen hundreds on line.. This horse~~ oh why arn't I 50 years younger!

  3. I'm one of the two women who stopped by today about volunteering (I'm the one from the Oklahoma rescue). I just read Stella's full story and would love to know if she's pregnant!

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