Square Peg Day at Cavalia is Saturday, August 4 at 8pm

“Cavalia is a fresh mix of equestrian and performing arts, multimedia and special effects. Conceived by Normand Latourelle and often labelled an equestrian ballet, Cavalia is a spectacular and moving tribute to the relationship between men and horses throughout history, a dream of freedom, cooperation and harmony. In a fairy tale setting filled with poetry and emotion, the show innovatively integrates acrobatics, dance, aerial stunts, live music and equestrian arts. Under the White Big Top, a 50-metre stage permits the horses to express themselves in all their splendour, nobility and strength, often completely free.”

Square Peg was given a unique opportunity to partner with Cavalia. We have been granted a block of tickets to the show on Saturday, August 4th.

100% of the sales of the tickets below will benefit Square Peg programs.  Join us on Saturday August 4, 2012 as we enjoy the show in community.  See you there!

Tickets are limited and it will be first come, first served.  All tickets will be at Will Call. Please know that there will be no refunds.


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All tix will be at Will Call!

All tickets will be at Will Call

3 Replies to “Square Peg Day at Cavalia is Saturday, August 4 at 8pm”

  1. So, before I shell out a huge amount of money for three tickets, just a few questions: where are the seats? "A block of seats" is all it says. The arena sounds huge so what section and rows are we talking about? What time does the show start and how long does it go? What about parking? Thanks for the answers!

  2. A little more info about Cavalia seats: The view from all of the seats is marvelous! The seats are arranged in a steeper-than-normal rise from ground level to the very top seats, so that every seat has an unobstructed view of the stage. The lower seats provide a more eye-level view of the performers, while the seats higher in the stands offer a more panoramic view of the stage. With a stage as large as Cavalia's, where performers are frequently in action in multiple locations on the stage simultaneously, both close-up and panoramic views have their own charms. I've viewed Cavalia from a seat at ground level as well as at the top of the tent, and both views provided an enchanting perspective of this performance that portrays the magical relationship between horses and humans.

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