Square Peg Horse of the Month – COMETA

Every time we can, we try to let the kids speak for themselves – especially when it comes to horses they love.  What follows is a statement from the heart about our beloved Cometa from a child who knows and loves him like no other.

“Roughly five years ago, a skinny, unhappy, 15.3,  bay OOTB gelding was brought to Square Peg Foundation and my life was forever changed.  It becomes hard for me to put into words how much this little horse, Cometa, means to me because everyday he continues to drastically change my life in the most amazing ways.  Throughout these years, we have flown over courses and 3’6 jumps, galloped down polo fields, and continued to support each other through it all.  If I am ever off my game, Cometa knows just what to do, where to be, and can figure out a way to end my day with a smile.  Through the thick and thin moments in my life, he has always been my rock; the one I can trust and count on to brighten my day.  Because of his easy going personality & willingness to do anything his mount asks of, Cometa is one of our best lesson horses.  I’ve back ridden with him, been certified in the Horse-Boy method, and he is always my go-to guy when i want to try any stunt that comes to mind. Everyday I am so thankful for having Cometa in my life because without him, I truly don’t know where I would be, who I would be, or if I could make it.”
Farris Scott, age 15 Square Peg volunteer and student since 2005


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