The Square Peg 12 Days of Christmas, days 1-7

I assure you that this mass post of days 1-7 is not a “Scrooge Move” attesting to my legendary lack of Holiday enthusiasm. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy  we simply couldn’t wrap our heads around Christmas cheer.

But the constant rains of the last three weeks bring home the reality that our beloved horses are in need of some winter and waterproof blankets.  A number of our blankets have simply given up trying to be waterproof or have fallen apart under the demands of covering bored and restless horses who miss their summer pasture.

So if you should wish to bestow some Holiday warmth on the critters at Square Peg, here is a list of the horses that need blankets.

Beetle’s preferred look
Beetle - 10y.o. Argentine/Tb gelding, 15hh
A clean Beetle

Beetle – otherwise known as “dirty little Beetle” we have never met a horse that liked rolling in the mud as much and dislikes a bath as much as Beetle.  It’s such a pity that nature chose to color this horse white as he seems to prefer mud brown. Beetle wears a 73″ to 76″ Blanket.  And the kids agree that he looks best in Green or Blue.



Bert - 24y.o. DWB gelding, 16.2hhBert – our big guy.  He’s going to need a warmer blanket than Beetle as he’s getting on in years.  He’s also a master at taking his blanket off and so we found that a blanket with an adjustable neck works best and keeps him that much warmer.  We think he’d like this one  size 78″(in purple).



Confer and Bob – the “Bromance” of the year.



Confer and Bob– the baby and the Pony.  They go together like peas and carrots and just hate to be apart.  So we think that they should have matching blankets – only different sizes.  Something like this should work in size 75″ for Confer and size 69″ for Bob. PS:  Sigourney says that chestnuts look best in green….


Stan and Mach – the destroyers.  Best to try a brand of blanket called “Tough 1” and see if it can meet the demands of these who can rip, trample, stomp and otherwise shred a blanket of lesser quality.  We hope that the adjustable neck on these blankets will help to keep them on.  Both of these guys wear a 78″ blankets.

DSC_0680Gigi – the princess looks prettiest in pink…. Size 78″

Blankets can be shipped directly to the ranch at

Square Peg Ranch   c/o Canyon Creek Equestrian Center   11631 San Mateo Road  Half Moon Bay, Ca 94019

Or you can always make a donation to Square Peg Foundation, a 501(c)3 which is tax deductible as allowable by law and we will purchase the blankets directly from State Line Tack


The soon to be warm and dry horses thank you so much!


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