Service Learning and Summer Intern program at Square Peg Ranch

Service Learning and Internship at Square Peg Ranch. A job you will never forget

“We’ve got a tiger by the tail!”  Square Peg Ranch is launching a pilot study to develop leadership and workplace skills for kids who know what it’s like to be a Square Peg.

We have developed five summer intern and 18 service learning positions  including one position strictly for research and four positions in ranch management and animal husbandry to commence June 8 and continue through the summer.  Applicants for the Internships and Service Learning will be between the ages of 16 and 22 years old.

Interns must be willing to work between two and four shifts per week.  Each intern shift is three hours long. Intern positions will focus on leadership skills, ranch and horse management and each intern will receive basic training in both CPR and in Horse Boy™ Method.

Service Learning volunteers will work at least two shifts per week and each shift is two hours long.

Interested students are encouraged to log in here as a volunteer here and answer all  of the questions.  Our office staff will contact you for an interview.


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