“Ace in the Hole” – a Winning Hand

Today's perspective is from instructor Rachel Bisaillon.  Rachel started riding at Square Peg at the tender age of nine. She's been a rider, a volunteer, a mentor and now, while juggling college classes - she manages the barn, the volunteers, the ever changing lesson schedule and she teaches.
This is her story of the horse she loves and what he means to the Community at the Ranch:

bros-alicekem2I was offered my dream opportunity. One of the newest “Square Pegs” was a beautiful 17.1hh bay OTTB with long legs and the world’s cutest white snip.

Seven Bridges, also known as Ace, a Kentucky bred son of E Dubai, had me head over heels in love. Quiet and sweet, he had all the right makings of an easy horse to bring along. His canter was what we call “uphill” and he was reliable. Joell and one of my coaches encouraged me to put Ace into training at a show barn down the street and see how far we could go together.

I was astonished- this leggy guy could be all mine. I could see us flying around the cross country course, winning blue ribbons, and headed to Young Riders (a bit of a stretch but you never know!!) That thought lasted about 48 hours.

I put one of my younger students on him, and we ended the lesson with a little canter around the arena- her first time off the lungeIMG_4659 line. He quietly struck off, and the girl proceeded to lope happily around, yelling, “THIS IS AWESOME!” I knew that moment this horse was never leaving Square Peg. I shed a tear- this horse belonged here.

He is meant to be teaching the next generation how to be patient, overcome struggles, and enjoy learning. It meant more to me to watch him teach others than any ribbon ever could.


IMG_5309Like all of us,the horses here are “Square Pegs.” Everyone should ride a horse that makes them want to explode in sunshine and love.

Ace is also currently in training for his and my show debut at the Woodside May Eventing show, with a crew of ‘tweens who have assured me they will be flaunting “Team Ace” t-shirts. That is what really matters at the end of the day- a community full of love and support. And a horse who bats his long eyelashes in trust and willingness.

Who says you can’t have it all?


Sponsoring Ace makes a special Holiday gift – The gift that keeps sharing joy and second chances for all of the Square Pegs who call the Ranch their community. The staff at Square Peg will work with sponsors to create a special momento if you would like to gift his sponsorship to a loved one.  A framed photo montage, a brass name-plate – The possibilities are fun – the gift is precious.

Monthly cost to keep a horse at Square Peg
$9228 annually $769 per month
Monthly Breakdown:

  • Occupancy: $298 (rent, maintenance, insurance – does not include staff)
    Staff: $158 (includes care, training, grooming and exercise)
    Feed: $181
    Farrier: $39
    Vet: $52
    Other: $41 (Dentistry, chiropractic, supplies, supplements)

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