The Ties That Bind

The holidays are upon us.

Short days, cold nights, warm beverages sipped from red cups…..

The fall harvest affords us the chance to convene and give thanks for all we have.The Solstice – however you celebrate it – is another gathering to help us through the the longest nights together.

In the Holiday spirit the pervading themes are – Togetherness, Community and Tribe. It’s this coming together that brings out the very best of who we are.

More than a ranch, more than a horse rescue, more than a riding program – the BEST of Square Peg is that we are a community.

From now until the new year, we will be publishing from the varied viewpoints of the Square Peg Community.

Essays, pictures and stories of how coming together in acceptance,  joy and service to the animals and to the families that trust us – makes us better, happier and healthier.

Today’s story is from Lisa Valerio – who is many things including an autism mom. We gave her 600 words to tell her story. She told it in twelve words and a photo.  She says that the smiles say it all. We couldn’t agree more.




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