On the (ahem) Lighter Side

Apropos of today in our post feast feelings - today's perspective is from Robyn Peters whose name you may recognize because she is the photographer credited with most of the amazing images you see on the Square Peg site.

Volunteering:  It’s cheaper than a gym membership

Curtis wants to know – “Does Robyn have treats for me?”

Back in the day, for exercise and fitness, my daughter had a riding lesson every week, and I had a gym membership.  Then she wanted to ride more, and I looked at the budget and thought “so long, gym, it’s been nice to know you”.

But then, as I came out to Square Peg, twice a week, sometimes for several hours or more on the day of her lesson, I realized that I didn’t need that stinky gym membership, after all.

Why run (ok, true confession: I walked) on the treadmill,  smelling the armpit air of the folks around me, when I could be dancing around in the pasture, smelling relatively fresh air while trying to put a halter on a horse who wasn’t done playing yet, while his friends try to stick their noses into my pockets for snacks?

Said “Naughty Goats” photo by Robyn Peters (and her fitbit)

Why lift weights while Top 40 hits blasted at top volume, drowning out my thoughts, when I could sit on the top of a pile of feed and shovel pounds after pounds of cubes into rolling feed dispensers for the horses, while the silence (interrupted by the occasional naughty goat) gave me space to gather and arrange my thoughts?

Why climb endless flights on the Stairmaster, going nowhere while watching myself in the mirror, when I could hike up the hill to the top of the upper pasture and watch the sun set while slipping soft treats to Stitch and Monty, two retired lesson horses who have earned the good life?

Sit ups?  Who needs sit-ups to strengthen the core, when you can sit at the picnic table in the sunshine, and laugh and laugh and laugh at the antics of the crazy goats and hounds?

Square Peg.  It’s more than a farm.  It’s a full body workout.

“and a one and a two” workouts – Square Peg style
The Kunze Family has offered up a challenge to raise funds for Square Peg. Every dollar you donate between now and the end of the year will be matched up to $10,000! Your support is a lifeline to our families and the horses who call Square Peg their sanctuary. We are so grateful for your support.
the full moon over the ranch – photo by you-know-who

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